All About Irene




Hey! Welcome to my blog, and to my about page! I guess you want to know a little more about me, right? Well, the name’s Irene, and I’m growing myself and my confidence through the online space. I wasn’t the most outgoing type before starting this blog, and whilst I am far from a big name in the world simply having this space to put myself out there has done wonders to help me grow and develop. I’ve become a better writer, able to research subjects faster and have learned a lot about so many different things!

My background is in home decoration – I work in interior design and help many people with home renovations and improvements. As a side gig, I also help people with budgeting and finances. A more recent interest over 2020 has been into fitness and health – and into cooking – as I focused on improving myself despite the way the year turned out.

With all of this combined, my interests have gone out to a number of areas, and that’s what I’ll be blogging about. Don’t expect a set theme per se, as I can be a little all over the place – and my writing reflects that I think!

Thanks again for reading, and have a wonderful day!