Top Tips to Save Space in Your Closet

Closet space can be rather tough on hip moms. After pregnancy, having space to store our baby clothes can be very stressful. Changing day Collections often makes us find something we would rather not wear, being too tired to put them away and then we are not showered the next day.

For me I was fortunate that after our Made inorrow however I find that I barely use old pieces all the time, now that my baby can barely walk when he takes his first pull, I don’t have to bend over to put clothes away. I can put him away immediately and then I have space for other clothing I want to wear, which means I don’t necessarily need to store larger pieces. I have a problem sorting through the used pieces though, I can take them from the top half into the duff and brit bags, which seems counter productive and at the same time I feel guilty because I know I should really be sorting them out in the first place.

It may not turn out to be a problem though if you do some planning ahead. There are two things that I do that help keep my store space limited and portable. One is that I organize all of the containers for my used clothing alphabetically by the color (or at the top) and then I Group all the different pieces by color. I also try to group the clothes into sizes and sizes of clothes of similar colors (for example if I’m a medium it could contain items of a nice yellow), that way I know there is always somewhere for me to fit my new item, besides I can fold them neatly and store in containers and it makes the store space seem efficient and efficient.

Another area that can help is storage of all the different sized containers I use for the clothes. Some of these containers come withsort of slip covers for easy access, but others are bright and colorful plastic containers when in storage and can also be customized with a border. The containers come in all different types of shapes and sizes and can have a back slipped storage for easy access while not in use.

I have the simple organizer drawers which are plastic drawers with no handles, they don’t have drawers but still are easily stored and pulled out when I want to use it. These organize my items by type and so it saves me having to label the veggies, beans and such and sorting through my garage sales to find them all, It can also double as a dirty towel drawer for those days when you’re keeping your hands clean.

Last but not least are the storage bags that are convenient and inexpensive like the colored plastic storage bags sold in office supply stores but come in different colors and patterns to give a little more variety instead of the traditional brown shoe boxes. The storage bags are great for storing and get sort of dirty. I just place the sorted clothing into the bag and hang it on the clothesline. It’s so easy and fun to tie up all your goodbye to hug so much that I almost don’t feel guilty. Once the bag is full, I just throw it away!

The storage containers come in all sizes from shorts, large vests to suit tops. They come in different safety and work instructions and come in a couple different colors which is great because now we can pick different colors when we are sorting and looking for things. I’m just thinking about making some to hang around our gift opening area for those gifts that we will be giving at the party!

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